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Armani Logo 320X160

Armani Logo Meaning – 4 Things You Should Know

You know that every logo has a story and a meaning behind it. You might have worn Armani costumes...
Hermes Logo 320X160

Hermès Logo Meaning – The Horse and Waiting Groom

Some logos gain immense popularity, thanks to the logo designer! He/she puts all thoughts and ideas to create such...
Jaguar Logo 240X180

Jaguar Logo History: Long & Eventful

Jaguar is a well-known luxury automotive brand which competes with the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. Part of...
Omega Logo

Omega Logo Meaning – The Ultimate Accomplishment

The emblem of the celebrated watchmaker was created at the turn of 20th century, although its history goes back...
McLaren Logo 240X180

McLaren Logo Meaning: Marlboro, Testing Vortices or Kiwi?

Every brand has its own unique and distinctive logo and this is particularly true for automotive brands where logos...
Infiniti Logo 240X180

Infiniti Logo Meaning: Road To Infinity

Infiniti is a Japanese luxury car brand founded by Bill Bruce in 1989. It is a Japanese luxury car...
Cadillac Logo 240X180

Cadillac Logo Meaning and History: Ford, GM and French Connection

Cadillac is a premium car brand that operates as a division of General Motors (GM). It is among the...
Holden Logo 240X180

Holden Logo Meaning and History: Of Lions, Stones and Wheels

Holden is among the few indigenous Australian car companies. The brand later became an important part of GM in...

Acura Logo Meaning and History: From Japan with Love

Acura is among the leading luxury car brands in the US market. The brand belongs to Honda which sells...
Tesla Logo 240X180

Tesla Logo Meaning: Cat Nose or Motor Cross Section?

Tesla has become one of the most popular automotive names in recent times, thanks to its impressive portfolio of...