Omega Logo Meaning – The Ultimate Accomplishment


The emblem of the celebrated watchmaker was created at the turn of 20th century, although its history goes back to 1848. Yes, the Omega logo that we are talking about today remained almost untouched all through the long history of the Swiss watchmaker. Apart from an impressive Omega logo history of over 125 years, Omega logo meaning has an interesting that borrows greatness and decisiveness from the Greek alphabet. The modest yet sophisticated structure, where the slim and subtle logo is placed overhead the capitalized word mark, is seen by people across the world as a mark of quality.

Omega logo PNG

Omega SA Information

Logo CreatorLouis Brandt
HeadquartersBiel/Bienne, Switzerland
Official Website
OwnerThe Swatch Group

Early Omega logo History

The Omega Logo that we presently see had a slightly different form. Yes, the forerunner of this brand is La Generale Watch Company which was established by Louis Brandt in 1848. He was making precision pocket watches by getting the parts from local craftsmen. Brandt sold these watches to Scandinavia from Italy by way of England. 

In 1894, his sons developed an in-house manufacturing unit with a total product control system. Due to the development of this unit, they were able to interchange parts. Gradually, they started marketing the watches made at this facility under the brand name Omega led by La Generale Watch Company Limited. Subsequently, the brand became so popular that it was spun off as a separate company and Omega Watch Company was officially established in 1903.

Old Omega Logo

The original Omega Logo was a bit different than the one that we see presently. The old Omega emblem had a monochrome combination of stylishly executed Greek letter Omega and the brand name in simple text. It was a simple yet bold logo, where all letters other than the G in the word Omega were in the sans-serif font. The letter G had a visible and sharp serif on its upper portion, balancing the sharp ends of the logo. Both the symbol and the font were black. It will not be an overstatement to say that the color did nothing other than elevating the overall logo and made it eternal.

Omega Emblem Evolution – 72 Long Years

The brand redesigned the logo in 1975. Yes, the logo revamp came after a long gap of 72 years although it never felt that way. This long period denotes the success of the original logo. However, the new logo had not many changes as compared to the previous version. It retained the composition of the previous one. The difference is that the word “Omega” turned a bit enlarged. Also, the corners of both the emblem and the font became emboldened.

Omega Logo In Watch

The refreshed font sports a solid sans-serif style. Accordingly, no unique elements are present in any letter. The color also changed to scarlet red even though it can even be seen now in black. Even a 3D version of the emblem is now available with the fonts in pale red and gray shadow.

Omega Logo Meaning

The very term “Omega” means “Great”. As such, it is no surprise that this small wonder has been chosen as their logo by a giant watchmaker. When it comes to watches, Swiss companies (such as Rolex) are meticulous and known for their precision. It means that each watch from this brand besides showcasing luxury also denotes greatness. One can see the greatness in every aspect including the design, assembling and creation.

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Greek alphabet also has a close connection with the watch company. Omega is the final letter in the Greek alphabet and similarly, the brand stands for ultimate sophistication and luxury in the watch industry. In other words, customers having Omega watches don’t need any other timepiece! While this tongue in cheek remark may appear full of itself, Omega’s impeccable quality record indicates the statement isn’t far from truth.


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