Microsoft Logo Meaning: All You Need To Know About

Microsoft Logo Meaning

Windows happens to be a product among the world’s top companies. Over the years, Microsoft Windows has expanded into a brand having a value of more than 300 billion USD. The operating system helped propel the organization to achieve its current status. Now let us dive into the evolution and Microsoft Logo Meaning. We will be … Read more

Nokia Logo Meaning – 5 Things You Should Know

Nokia logo meaning

Before delving into the Nokia Logo meaning, it’s essential to have a foundational understanding of the brand. Nokia is a Finnish communications and IT company and holds the distinction of being the first to effectively popularize the term “mobile” worldwide. Nokia was founded in 1865 by Leo Mechelin and Fredrik Idestam. The company is headquartered … Read more

Apple Logo Meaning and History of Apple Emblem

Apple Logo 240X180

Apple is one of the world’s largest corporations. Being the company responsible for the widely popular iPhone mobile handsets and iPad tablet computers, it has established a direct connection with consumers in most global markets. The history and references to key personalities associated with the Apple logo meaning make for an interesting story. Apple Logo … Read more