Infiniti Logo Meaning: Road To Infinity


Infiniti is a Japanese luxury car brand founded by Bill Bruce in 1989. It is a Japanese luxury car brand associated with Nissan, a known car brand specializing in making economic cars. The world was taken aback by the inexpensive and powerful Nissan cars and the Americans took good advantage of it. As a result, this gave Nissan the reputation of a reliable economy car manufacturer. Here is a closer look at Infiniti logo meaning and history.

Infiniti Global Limited Information

Founded8 November 1989
Logo creatorLippincott Mercer
HeadquartersYokohama, Japan

Infiniti Logo History

Although Nissan cars did really well in the US market and earned great reputation, the automaker wanted to introduce luxury cars with greater performance characteristics into its business. Of course, Nissan’s image of being a mass-market brand wouldn’t have helped so a separate brand was needed. The fact that its rivals Honda and Toyota were taking a similar approach with Acura and Lexus brands, respectively also influenced Nissan’s decision.

Infiniti logo history goes back to the times when Nissan laid trust with leading advertising company Lippincott Mercer to create a logo that showed the true spirit of a luxury car. Finding a suitable name for the marquee was also a task for the advertising company. Also, it helped that Lippincott Mercer had already worked for Samsung, Coca-cola and other such brands. Nissan demanded that the name be short, easily pronounceable, and must not be related to arts.

Infiniti Emblem 640X420

Infiniti Logo Meaning

The designers wanted to use a Mobius strip to make an Infiniti symbol. However, the idea shifted to that of the road directing towards infinity. It also went well with the motto of Infiniti as it symbolized the urge of moving forward towards the horizon, towards infinity. Therefore, Infiniti logo meaning defines how performance and the never-ending journey are significant in the automotive industry. Since Infiniti is a luxury car brand, the badge appears in a lavish and moving fashion.

Infiniti Emblem Design and Color

The idea of the logo came from its name and symbol of infinity. The shape is a simple representation of two lines that converge into a horizon. Also, the design appears to be a stylized representation of number eight, resembling an infinite lemniscate.

Infiniti Emblem on Grille

Some accounts also state that Infiniti emblem pays homage to Mount Fuji. The mountain is a famous peak in Japan and therefore, this reference points to the logo’s Japanese roots. Ironically, Infiniti isn’t available as a separate brand in Japan. Instead, Nissan is the brand that sells Infiniti models under its own badge in the island country.

Luxury Amplified in Logo

Since the brand is a premium one, Infiniti marquee’s logo is presented in bright silver color signifying luxury and elegance.

Infiniti Insignia on Boot 640X360

Since introduction in 1987, Infiniti insignia has remained the same except a few touches to make it look sharper. Japanese automakers are anyway not known to tinker with their logos very frequently (Mazda is an exception, however!). As a result, the logo looks great even on old vehicles and lends credence to the visual identity of the vehicle.


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