Infiniti Logo Meaning: Road To Infinity

Infiniti is a Japanese luxury car brand that was established in 1989 by Bill Bruce. It is closely affiliated with Nissan, a well-known car manufacturer renowned for producing cost-effective vehicles. Let’s delve into the Infiniti logo meaning and history.

The world was astounded by the affordable yet powerful Nissan cars, and Americans particularly benefited from this. Consequently, Nissan earned a reputation as a dependable manufacturer of economical cars. Now, let’s explore the Infiniti logo meaning and history.

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Infiniti Global Limited Information

Founded8 November 1989
Logo creatorLippincott Mercer
HeadquartersYokohama, Japan

Infiniti Logo History

Even though Nissan cars enjoyed significant success in the US market and had built a strong reputation, the automaker aimed to introduce luxury vehicles with enhanced performance attributes into its product lineup. However, Nissan’s image as a mass-market brand would not have been conducive to this endeavor. Therefore, the need for a separate and distinct brand became apparent. Additionally, the fact that Nissan’s competitors, Honda and Toyota, were adopting a similar strategy with their Acura and Lexus brands, respectively, also played a role in influencing Nissan’s decision.

The Infiniti logo history dates back to the period when Nissan collaborated with the renowned advertising firm Lippincott Mercer to craft a symbol that could authentically represent the essence of a luxury car. The process of selecting an appropriate name for the brand was also a significant challenge entrusted to the advertising company. Lippincott Mercer’s prior experience with brands like Samsung and Coca-Cola was advantageous in this endeavor.

Nissan had specific criteria for the brand name, insisting that it be short, easily pronounceable, and unrelated to the field of arts.

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Infiniti Logo Meaning

The designers initially considered using a Mobius strip to create the Infiniti emblem. However, this concept evolved into a representation of a road leading towards infinity. This design aligned perfectly with Infiniti’s motto, signifying the desire to constantly progress and move forward towards the limitless horizon of possibilities. Therefore, the Infiniti logo meaning encapsulates the importance of performance and the endless journey in the automotive industry.

Infiniti Emblem Design and Color

The concept for the Infiniti logo was inspired by its name and the symbol of infinity. The design is a straightforward depiction of two lines converging toward the horizon, creating the impression of an infinite journey. Additionally, the design bears a resemblance to the number eight, forming a stylized representation of an infinite lemniscate.

Infiniti logo meaning

Certain accounts suggest that the Infiniti emblem also serves as a tribute to Mount Fuji, a renowned peak in Japan, thereby connecting the logo to its Japanese heritage. Interestingly, it’s worth noting that Infiniti is not marketed as a standalone brand in Japan. Instead, Nissan distributes Infiniti models under its badge in the island nation.

As a premium brand, the Infiniti marque’s logo is showcased in a lustrous silver color, symbolizing luxury and sophistication.

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Since its debut in 1987, the Infiniti emblem has retained its core design, with only a few subtle refinements to enhance its sharpness. It’s worth noting that Japanese automakers typically do not frequently alter their logos (although Mazda is an exception). Consequently, the Infiniti logo retains its timeless appeal, appearing splendid even on older vehicles, and effectively reinforcing the visual identity of the brand.

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