Nissan Logo History – Homage to Datsun


Nissan Motor Corporation is a Japanese automaker that sells automobiles under the Nissan, Datsun and Infiniti brands. Headquartered in Yokohama, Nissan is part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi transcontinental alliance. Nissan Logo history is quite interesting and intertwined with its subsidiary Datsun. Read on for more.

Nissan Logo 2012 640X280
Nissan Logo 2012 PNG

Nissan Motor Corporation Information

Founded 26 December 1933
Founder Masujiro Hashimoto
Kenjiro Den
Rokuro Aoyama
Meitaro Takeuchi
Yoshisuke Aikawa
William R. Gorham
Headquarters Yokohama, Japan
Other brands Datsun
Corporate owner Renault
Official website
Slogan Innovation that excites

Nissan Logo Meaningand History

Nissan’s predecessor JidoshaSeizo Company was established in December 1933. However, the history of thecompanies it acquired and merged with dates back to 1910. This includes KwaishinshaMotor Car Works and Tobata Casting Company.

In the initial years, the company produced cars under the DAT name which was taken from the initial letters of three investors who put money in Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works. The name was institutionalized as a brand in 1931 as DATSON meaning son of DAT but it was pretty soon changed to DATSUN since SON also meant “loss” in Japanese.

It wasn’t abnormal at the time for Japanese companies to continue without an official logo. Other such examples include Mazda and Toyota.

The company’s name wasofficially changed to Nissan Motor Company in 1934 although it continued to supplycars under the Datsun brand for export markets. A simple logo paying homage to the“land of rising sun” was used as its visual identity. This logo depicted a bluerectangle with DATSUN written in white letters and a red circle in thebackground.

Datsun Logo 640x458

Nissan Logo History and Evolution

The logo continued until 1984 before Nissan decided to phaseout the Datsun brand and replaced the DASTUN wording with NISSAN in the emblem.In 1988, a new logo was introduced which had silver and grey colors in place ofthe original red and blue.

Nissan Logo 1990

This was further changed in 1990 when the logo was done in blackand white colors and the circle merged with the horizontal rectangle.

Nissan Logo 1990

The latest update in Nissan emblem in 2012 had shades of silver and grey without any major changes.

Nissan Text Logo
Nissan Text Logo
Nissan Emblem on Vehicle


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