Maserati Logo Meaning and History of Maserati Emblem

Maserati is renowned for its production of luxury vehicles, with a rich racing heritage that makes all its cars performance-oriented. In the realm of the automotive industry, the Italian automaker boasts one of the most distinct logos. While many other automakers, even supercar manufacturers, utilize symbols like horses or bulls to signify strength and power, the Maserati Logo Meaning has a bad-ass sharp trident for its corporate identity.

Maserati Logo Meaning
Maserati SpA Information
Founded1 Dec 1914
FounderAlfieri Maserati
Logo creatorMario Maserati
HeadquartersModena, Italy
OwnerFiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)
SloganExcellence through passion

The Maserati logo draws its inspiration from a statue located in Bologna’s Piazza Maggiore. This statue, known as the Fountain of Neptune, features the god Neptune holding a trident. To understand why this statue was significant for Maserati, it’s worth noting that the automaker was headquartered in Bologna. Therefore, the trident not only symbolized the automaker but also the city itself. Additionally, the choice was apt because Neptune, or Poseidon in Greek mythology, is associated with water and the sea, representing strength and vitality.

Maserati employs the trident logo in white on its vehicles. In other contexts, the Maserati emblem showcases a red trident set against a white and blue backdrop. These design elements are encapsulated within a standing oval, accompanied by the Maserati name rendered in capital letters.

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Among the seven Maserati brothers, only six reached adulthood, and all but one were involved in the automobile industry. While Alfieri, Bindo, Carlo, Ettore, and Ernesto were closely tied to the car company, one of their brothers, Mario, pursued a different path, leaning towards art and not joining the family business. Interestingly, nearly a century later, it’s Mario’s modest contribution that is most prominent in Maserati vehicles. Mario was responsible for designing the trident logo, a suggestion made by their family friend Marquis Diego de Sterlich. This iconic emblem was first utilized on the Tipo 26 model in 1926.

Maserati Logo 2014

Fun fact – After the company was acquired by Adolfo Orsi in 1937, Maserati relocated its headquarters to Modena. Nevertheless, the logo has indelibly associated the brand with Bologna.

Another fun fact – Maserati is presently under the ownership of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). However, in the past, it has been a part of various automakers, including Citroen, GEPI, Fiat (FCA’s predecessor), and Ferrari, during different periods in its history.

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