Maserati Logo Meaning and History of Maserati Emblem


Maserati is known as a maker of luxury vehicles. Since the company’s history is steeped in racing, all its vehicles are performance oriented. The Italian automaker has what is easily among the most strikingly different logos in the automotive industry. While other automakers, including supercar makers, resorted to horses or bulls for showing strength and power, the Maserati logo meaning has a bad-ass sharp trident for its corporate identity.

Maserati Logo Meaning

Maserati SpA Information
Founded 1 Dec 1914
Founder Alfieri Maserati
Logo creator Mario Maserati
Headquarters Modena, Italy
Owner Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)
Official website
Slogan Excellence through passion

The Maserati logo takes inspiration from a statue in Bologna’s Piazza Maggiore. The statue, named Fountain of Neptune, has the god holding a trident. In case you are wondering why the statue was important for Maserati, the automaker was based in Bologna and thus, the trident served as a symbol of not just the automaker but also of the city. It also helped that Neptune (known as Poseidon in Greek mythology) is the god of water and sea and represents strength and vigor.

Maserati uses just the trident, in white color, on its vehicles. Elsewhere, the Maserati emblem is depicted as a red trident against a background of white and blue. All these design elements are captured in a standing oval along with Maserati name in capital letters.

Maserati Logo Meaning – Maserati Logo PNG

Maserati Logo HD

Maserati Logo PNG


Out of the seven Maserati brothers, only six reached adulthood and all but one were involved in the car trade. While Alfieri, Bindo, Carlo, Ettore, and Ernesto were closely associated with the car company, one of their brothers Mario was more inclined towards art and didn’t join the family business. Nearly a hundred years later, it is the small contribution of Mario that is most visible in Maserati vehicles. Mario designed the trident logo following the suggestion of their family friend Marquis Diego de Sterlich. It was first used on Tipo 26 model in 1926.

Maserati Logo 2014

Fun fact – Following the company’s acquisition by Adolfo Orsi in 1937, Maserati changed headquarters to Modena but the logo has permanently linked the brand with Bologna.

Another fun fact – Maserati is currently owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) but in the past, it has been part of several automakers including Citroen, GEPI, Fiat (FCA’s predecessor), and Ferrari at various stages.



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