Armani Logo Meaning – 4 Things You Should Know


You know that every logo has a story and a meaning behind it. You might have worn Armani costumes in many instances. Have you ever thought about the Armani logo meaning? Let us find out here.

Before understanding the Armani logo meaning, it would be good to gain some basic knowledge about the brand. It is an Italian luxury fashion house. The brand is engaged in the designing and manufacturing of different accessories. Armani manufactures retails and distributes cosmetics, eyewear, jewelry, and watches. You might have come across shoes, leather goods, ready-to-wear costumes, and haute couture from this brand.

Giorgio Armani SpA Information

Hermès FounderGiorgio Armani
Sergio Galeotti
Logo Font DesignerAdrian Frutiger
HeadquartersMilan, Italy

This world-popular Italian fashion house was established in 1975 by Sergio Galeotti and Giorgio Armani in Milan. Some of the popular brands that belong to Armani are Armani Exchange, Armani Jeans, Emporio Armani, and Giorgio Armani. The brand has created different logos for these four brands.

A Great Recognition in the Fashion World

Understanding the philosophy of Armani will help you understand Armani Logo meaning to a certain extent. The brand clings to a luxury design philosophy. You might have felt this philosophy in many products from Armani.

Armani Logos

The fashion house passes easily from un-constricted casual to strict classics. Apart from gaining immense popularity for its clothing with aesthetic appeal, the brand did one thing. Yes, the brand has made its logo the most identifiable depiction among fashion enthusiasts. When talking about the Armani style, constitutes strict white and black colors along with the rare inclusion of gray. The black and white color usage gives these logos a classier, striking, and more natural impression.

Armani Logo PNG Vector

Emporio Armani Logo PNG Vector

Armani Logo History

Armani holds the distinction of being the first brand in the fashion domain to divide its brand into different departments. The departments include watches, accessories, shoes, women’s clothes, men’s clothes, and jewelry. The brand uses different variations of its logo. However, two of them are highly popular. They are Emporio Armani and Giorgio Armani logos. The brand makes sure that all of them commonly share a black-and-white pattern. You are here to know the Armani logo meaning, isn’t it? Let us throw some light here.

Armani Logo Meaning

The logo of Emporio Armani depicts a stylized eagle with open wings and looking to the right side. If you are thinking that it is an ordinary eagle, you are not right. It is divided into strips horizontally and also has the letters G and A written in it. The legend shows that the eagle in the United States is a tribute to the biggest trading partner. Eagle is generally considered a symbol of strength and courage and is also called the king of skies. As Armani uses an eagle in its logo, the brand intends to showcase its brilliance, nobility, and premium quality in its products.

Emporio Armani Logo

When it comes to Giorgio Armani Logo, has a very elegant yet simplistic approach to design. It has a rounded letter G completing a curved letter A. The usage of these two letters in the logo gives it a graceful and refined style.

Giorgio Armani logo

When talking about the Armani Exchange logo, encompasses the A|X design. This minimalist logo showcases a visually distinctive and legible design. It is right there to communicate the elegance of the brand.

Armani Logo Third Image 2

The Armani Jeans logo is a simple typographic logo from this fashion house and like some other logos, it also features the Armani eagle logo in an effective way.

Armani Jeans logo

Armani Logo Meaning – Evolution

Right from its inception in 1975, the fashion house has not changed its visual identity. The two main logos from this fashion house – the Armani eagle logo and the rounded Giorgio Armani logo – are timeless, memorable, free of any clutter, minimal, and relevant.


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