Magneti Marelli Logo – History of Italian auto supplier

Magneti Marelli is a prominent producer and supplier of automotive components worldwide. Situated in Corbetta, Italy, the company has maintained a strong connection with Fiat throughout its century-long history. Notably, the Magneti Marelli logo has retained its original visual identity over the years.

Magneti Marelli Logo PNG

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Magneti Marelli Logo PNG

Magneti Marelli SpA Information

Founded 1919
Founder Fiat and Ercole Marelli
Headquarters Corbetta, Italy
Official website
Owner Magneti Marelli CK Holdings

Magneti Marelli Logo History

The name Magneti Marelli is intriguing, with the connection to its founder, Ercole Marelli, quite evident. However, the backstory behind the other part of the name remains relatively obscure.

Ercole Marelli had a talent for mechanics, and his continuous experimentation in this field led him to patent starting magnets in 1916. These magnets and magnetos found application in both the automotive and aviation sectors. In 1918, Marelli was granted the patent, and in 1919, Fabbrica Italiana Magneti Marelli was founded, with Ercole and Fiat equally dividing the ownership. Given the company’s origins in magnets, the inclusion of ‘Magneti’ in its name is entirely fitting.

Magneti Marelli Emblem Old

Magneti Marelli Description

The company’s emblem is a rather simple yet memorable design, comprising its name in the English language. Magneti Marelli emblem uses a blue color, signifying elegance and precision. The stylized letters are written in different typefaces to create an oval outline. As mentioned above, this is largely how the logo appeared in its early days and has remained the same.

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