Magneti Marelli Logo – History of Italian auto supplier


Magneti Marelli is a leading developer and manufacturer of components for the global automotive industry. Headquartered in Corbetta, Italy, Magneti Marelli has had a close association with Fiat. Magneti Marelli logo has kept its visual identity unchanged in its hundred-year history.

Magneti Marelli Logo PNG

Magneti Marelli Logo 640x300
Magneti Marelli Logo PNG

Magneti Marelli SpA Information

Founded 1919
Founder Fiat and Ercole Marelli
Headquarters Corbetta, Italy
Official website
Owner Magneti Marelli CK Holdings

Magneti Marelli Logo History

Magneti Marelli has an interesting name and while the reference to its founder Ercole Marelli is apparent, the history behind the other half of the name isn’t well known.

Ercole Marelli had a knack for mechanics and his constant experiments in this direction led him to file a patent for start magnets in 1916. These magnets and magnetos were used in the automotive and aviation industries. Marelli received the patent in 1918 and it was in 1919 that Fabbrica italiana Magneti Marelli was established with Ercole and Fiat splitting the shareholding equally between them. Since the company has its roots in magnets, the ‘Magneti’ in its name is only logical.

Magneti Marelli Emblem Old

Magneti Marelli Description

The company’s emblem is a rather simple yet memorable design, comprising its name in English language. Magneti Marelli emblem uses blue color, signifying elegance and precision. The stylized letters are written in different typefaces to create an oval outline. As mentioned above, this is largely how the logo appeared in its early days and has remained the same.


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