Hermès Logo Meaning – The Horse and Waiting Groom


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Some logos gain immense popularity, thanks to the logo designer! He/she puts all thoughts and ideas to create such irresistible logos, which stand the test of time. One such logo is Hermès logo. Yes, this logo belongs to Hermès International SA, which is a fashion house established in 1837 in France. Just like the emblem itself, Hermes logo meaning has interesting roots.

From humble beginnings, this company has now grown as an international organization with a staff strength of more than 8,000 people. The brand, as you know, specializes in luxury goods including perfumes, clothing, jewelry, watches and leather accessories.

FoundedEarly 1950s
Hermès FounderThierry Hermès
Logo CreatorFrench Painter Alfred De Dreux
HeadquartersParis, France
Official websitehttps://www.hermes.com/us/en/

Hermes Logo Explained

The Hermès emblem has a graphic part. It indicates a light carriage with high springs. Also, the attractive part of this logo is a harnessed horse. Also, the logo features a rider donning high-toed boots and hats standing in front of the horse. Even though the brand was established in 1837, the logo was introduced only in early 1950s.

In any logo, the largest part is most prominent and visible first. In the Hermès Logo, you will find that a large portion is occupied by the horse. Also, the harness and a chaise are prominent additions, while the person in the logo looks inconspicuous and small. The purpose of this design is to focus on the bond with the skin. The logo is a direct reference to the company’s original craft of saddlery.

Apart from these figures, you can find the name of the company and its location in the Hermès emblem.

Logo Font and Colors

In most instances, the fashion house uses only the graphic sign as the logo. However, it is not uncommon to see Hermès text logo along with the graphic design.

The text of the brand name uses large serifs font and the brand uses a strict angular font. The text of the city name uses sleek sans serif typeface with all characters in uppercase. Mostly, the company uses a warm orange hue for its logo. You can also find white and black brown options when it comes to logo color.

Hermes Logo Meaning and History

The brand came into existence in 1837. Nevertheless, its iconic Hermès Logo was introduced only in the early 1950s. The initial offerings of the brand were bridles and harnesses for the carriages. Over the years, the brand expanded its portfolio to encompass handbags and other leather goods. Then came ties and scarves into its offerings as well.

The primary source of inspiration for Hermes logo was the Waiting Groom and Hitched Carriage paintings. These paintings belong to the well-known French painter Alfred De Dreux. Not much is known beyond the use of the painting as logo except that it features a horse. As such, Hermes logo meaning appears to denote the company’s first trade of manufacturing horse saddles.

Hermes Logo Evolution

Although the logo has remained the same, there have been some changes along the lines over the years. Most important and talked about of the changes has been the change of color in logo as well as in the packaging boxes, shortage of cream-colored cardboard boxes. The brand also introduced the orange hue in its logo after the second World War to go well with its packaging. Prior to this change, Hermes products were well-known for their cream-colored boxes with brown edging. Nevertheless, the new color scheme also won the Oscars for packaging in 1994.

Hermes logo meaning and history is an interesting one in the sense that it hasn’t turned away from its saddlery roots. This is truly remarkable at a time when companies are increasingly settling for text-only logos. A notable example of this trend is Burberry which dumped its equestrian horse logo in 2018.


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