Hermès Logo Meaning – The Horse and Waiting Groom

Certain logos achieve remarkable fame, and this acclaim can be attributed to the logo designer’s efforts. They invest their creative thoughts and concepts into crafting logos that possess an enduring appeal. An excellent example of such a logo is the one associated with Hermès. Just like the emblem itself, the Hermes logo meaning has historical roots. This emblem represents Hermès International SA, a renowned fashion house that originated in France in 1837.

Starting from its modest origins, this company has evolved into an international organization with a workforce comprising over 8,000 individuals. As you are likely aware, the brand is focused on producing luxury items, encompassing perfumes, clothing, jewelry, watches, and leather accessories.

FoundedEarly 1950s
Hermès FounderThierry Hermès
Logo CreatorFrench Painter Alfred De Dreux
HeadquartersParis, France
Official websitehttps://www.hermes.com/us/en/

Hermes Logo Explained

The Hermès emblem consists of a visual component portraying a light carriage with elevated springs. Notably, the captivating aspect of this logo is a horse in harness. Additionally, the logo showcases a rider dressed in high-toed boots and a hat, positioned in front of the horse. It’s worth mentioning that, despite the brand’s establishment dating back to 1837, the logo itself was introduced in the early 1950s.

Hermes Logo Meaning

In any logo, the element that occupies the most space tends to be the most prominent and immediately catches the eye. When examining the Hermès Logo, it becomes evident that a significant portion is dedicated to the horse. Furthermore, the harness and a carriage are noticeable elements, while the figure of the person in the logo appears comparatively inconspicuous and diminutive. This deliberate design choice aims to emphasize the connection with leather. The logo serves as a direct homage to the company’s original expertise in saddle-making.

In addition to these visual elements, the Hermès emblem incorporates the company’s name and its place of origin.

Logo Font and Colors

In many cases, the fashion house opts to use only the graphic symbol as its logo. Nevertheless, it’s not unusual to come across the Hermès text logo in conjunction with the graphic design.

Hermes Logo on Bag

The brand name text employs a bold serif font, while the brand’s name is presented in a precise, angular typeface. In contrast, the city name text uses a sleek sans-serif font with all letters appearing in uppercase. Typically, the company favors a warm orange color for its logo, although white and black-brown alternatives are also available for the logo’s color scheme.

Hermes Logo Meaning and History

The brand was established in 1837, yet its iconic Hermès Logo didn’t make its debut until the early 1950s. Initially, the brand specialized in producing bridles and harnesses for carriages. Over time, the brand diversified its offerings to include handbags and various other leather goods, eventually adding ties and scarves to its product line.

The primary source of inspiration for the Hermes logo was drawn from the paintings “Waiting Groom” and “Hitched Carriage,” created by the renowned French painter Alfred De Dreux. While not much information is available beyond the use of these paintings as the logo’s basis, it is evident that the Hermes logo carries a significant connection to the company’s original trade of crafting horse saddles.

Hermes Logo Evolution

While the Hermes logo itself has remained consistent, there have been notable alterations over the years, particularly in terms of color. One of the most significant and widely discussed changes involved the logo and packaging box colors. The brand underwent a transition from the traditional cream-colored cardboard boxes to incorporate an orange hue in both the logo and packaging after the Second World War. Before this transformation, Hermes products were renowned for their cream-colored boxes with brown borders. This shift in color scheme proved to be a success and even earned the brand an Oscar for packaging excellence in 1994.

Hermes logo meaning and history is intriguing due to its steadfast connection to the brand’s roots in saddlery. This dedication to its origins is particularly remarkable in an era when many companies are opting for text-only logos. An illustrative instance of this shift can be observed in Burberry, which decided to part ways with its equestrian horse logo in 2018.

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