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Hyundai Motor Company is among the leading passenger vehicle manufacturers globally and is the largest car maker in South Korea. The Hyundai logo meaning is essentially an italicized “H” letter, encased in an oval. It is a well-recognized logo globally as Hyundai has expanded in several markets beyond its home in South Korea.

Hyundai Motor Company Information

Founded 29 December 1967
Founder Chung Ju-Yung
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Slogan New Thinking. New Possibilities.
Official website
Other brands Kia

Hyundai Logo Meaning is similar to the Honda emblem

Hyundai Motor Company was founded in 1967 as part of a diversification attempt by Chung Ju-Yung after successfully establishing Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company in 1947. The automaker’s first model, Cortina, was based on Ford underpinnings and was introduced in 1968. For some weird reason, Hyundai decided its logo to be represented by the first letter of its name – a strategy already employed by Honda. To avoid confusion among car buyers, Hyundai decided to tilt the letter on the right side and place it in an oval.

Hyundai Logo PNG

Hyundai Logo 640x243
Hyundai Logo PNG

Hyundai logo Meaning signifies a handshake

Of course, car logos can’t be as simple as a stylized first letter as that would be too unimaginative! As such, Hyundai has a further explanation for its logo. The automaker suggests that the logo captures the silhouette of two individuals shaking hands – one being a satisfied customer and the other a company representative. Therefore, the logo symbolizes mutual trust and respect. The oval casing is indicative of Hyundai’s aim to flourish in the global markets, marking an expansion of the brand beyond the traditional Asian markets.

Hyundai Symbol Handshake

Overall, the Hyundai car logo appears quite fluid and projects a much more friendly image than the Honda logo.

On vehicles, the logo appears in silver color signifying the brand’s sophistication, creativity, and perfection. On the other hand, Hyundai emblem appears in blue when used in print or in digital.

Hyundai Logo Blue

The blue color typifies reliability, excellence, and supremacy. Unlike other car logos which have evolved dramatically (no one can beat Mazda here), the Hyundai symbol has remained unchanged from the time it was introduced.

Hyundai Logo Meaning


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