Hyundai Logo Meaning – History of Hyundai Emblem

Hyundai Motor Company ranks among the prominent passenger vehicle manufacturers worldwide and holds the distinction of being South Korea’s largest car manufacturer. The Hyundai logo meaning, which consists of an italicized “H” letter enclosed within an oval, is widely recognized on a global scale, reflecting Hyundai’s extensive expansion into markets beyond its South Korean homeland.

Hyundai Motor Company Information

Founded 29 December 1967
Founder Chung Ju-Yung
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Slogan New Thinking. New Possibilities.
Official website
Other brands Kia

Hyundai Logo Meaning is similar to the Honda emblem

Hyundai Motor Company was established in 1967 as a part of Chung Ju-Yung’s diversification efforts, following his earlier success in founding the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company in 1947. The automaker’s inaugural model, the Cortina, was introduced in 1968 and was based on Ford underpinnings. Interestingly, Hyundai, for a somewhat peculiar reason, opted to represent its logo with the initial letter of its name, a strategy akin to what Honda had employed. To prevent any potential confusion among car buyers, Hyundai chose to tilt the letter to the right and enclose it within an oval.

Hyundai Logo PNG

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Hyundai Logo PNG

Hyundai logo Meaning signifies a handshake

Certainly, car logos often entail more than just a stylized initial letter, as simplicity can be rather unimaginative. Hyundai provides an additional interpretation for its logo. According to the automaker, the logo represents the outline of two individuals shaking hands: one representing a contented customer and the other, a company representative. This symbolism conveys the values of mutual trust and respect. The enclosing oval serves as a symbol of Hyundai’s aspirations to thrive in the global markets, signifying the brand’s expansion beyond its conventional Asian markets.

Hyundai Symbol Handshake

In general, the Hyundai car logo has a fluid and friendly appearance, which sets it apart from the Honda logo.

On vehicles, the Hyundai logo is typically presented in silver, representing the brand’s attributes of sophistication, creativity, and perfection. However, in print or digital media, the Hyundai emblem is displayed in blue.

Hyundai Logo Blue

The blue color of the Hyundai emblem symbolizes reliability, excellence, and superiority. Unlike some other car logos that have undergone dramatic evolutions (Mazda being a notable example), the Hyundai symbol has remained consistent since its original introduction.

Hyundai Logo Meaning

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