Jaguar Car Logo History: Long & Eventful

Jaguar is a renowned luxury car brand that competes with BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. Since becoming part of the Tata Motors family, Jaguar has witnessed several shifts in ownership. Just like its corporate structure, the Jaguar car logo has also experienced numerous alterations throughout its extensive and eventful history.

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Jaguar Information

FoundersWilliam Lyons
William Walmsley
Logo CreatorFrederick Gordon-Crosby
HeadquartersCoventry, UK
OwnerJaguar Land Rover (Tata Motors)

Jaguar Logo History

Jaguar was established in 1922 in Blackpool, United Kingdom, under the name Swallow Sidecar Company, primarily focused on manufacturing motorcycle sidecars. The company’s logo at that time consisted of the company name handwritten within a blue circle, enclosed by a bold red border. Additionally, the logo included prominently oversized golden wings.

Swallow Sidecar Logo

In the following years, the company expanded its operations to include the production of car bodies for other automotive manufacturers. The company underwent a name change to SS Cars and later began manufacturing cars under the Jaguar brand name, in collaboration with the Standard Motor Company.

SS Jaguar Logo

However, it wasn’t until 1945 that the company officially adopted the name “Jaguar Cars.” This marked the first instance where the company utilized “Jaguar” as both the visual identity for its cars and its corporate identity. The iconic leaping Jaguar logo symbolized elegance, style, luxury, and power, accurately reflecting the capabilities of their vehicles. With only minor alterations, this logo remained the company’s symbol for the following 56 years.

Jaguar Logo 1945

Jaguar Car Logo Meaning

The leaping Jaguar emblem redefined the notion of a spirit animal. Its design perfectly embodied the core values of the brand, including exceptional performance, power, elegance, and the relentless drive to advance.

Jaguar Logo Evolution

Simultaneously, various significant corporate developments unfolded. One of the major milestones occurred in 1966, as Jaguar Cars merged with the British Motor Corporation (BMC) to create British Motor Holdings (BMH). Just a couple of years later, BMH merged with the Leyland Motor Corporation, transforming into the British Leyland Motor Corporation (BLMC).

jaguar car logo

Indeed, Jaguar has a history of changing ownership, passing through various hands. This eventful journey continued as the Jaguar brand separated from British Leyland in 1984, making its debut as a publicly traded entity on the London Stock Exchange. However, under the leadership of CEO Jacques Nasser, Ford Motor Company expressed interest in the business and went on to acquire Jaguar Cars in 1990. In addition to Jaguar, Ford’s Premier Automotive Group also included the brands Lincoln, Mercury, Aston Martin, Mazda, Land Rover, and Volvo.

The next significant transformation of the logo occurred in 2001, featuring a simplified design with smoother lines, rounded corners, and a two-color palette of black on white. Jaguar’s textual logo also received an update, incorporating a modern sans-serif typeface.

Jaguar Logo 2001

In 2012, Jaguar once again revamped its emblem, giving it a 3D treatment. The current Jaguar logo showcases the leaping cat in a silver-gray hue, accompanied by a corresponding wordmark.

In the meantime, Ford’s approach of maintaining distinct brands with minimal commonalities faced setbacks, leading to the sale of the Jaguar and Land Rover brands to Tata Motors in 2008. Under Tata Motors’ ownership, both brands have successfully expanded their operations and implemented strategies that align with the parent brand.

Two Dimensions of Jaguar car symbol – Leaping and Roaring

The logo was initially introduced as a hood ornament, displaying a sleek silver Jaguar cat with a dynamic leap and a somewhat defiant expression on its face. However, due to pedestrian safety regulations, the leaping cat emblem was relocated to the rear of the car.

Now, it has evolved into a prominent roaring cat face, typically adorning the grille of Jaguar vehicles. This roaring Jaguar emblem is often set against a red background with a silver border.

Jaguar Roaring Logo

Historically, the company has been closely linked with the production of saloon and sports cars, but it has also expanded its portfolio to include SUVs. Jaguar boasts a captivating and visually striking logo, easily setting itself apart from others, much like its distinct and exceptional cars.

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